Gender diversity, forced quota for women in leadership, positive discrimination... all hot topics in corporate discussions, debates.

It might be controversial, but I don’t believe in gender quotas, I don’t believe in forced equality. For the mere fact that I believe in equality, as such...

For one happens to be born with a certain set of DNA it is by no means describes that a person is more (or less) able to be successful in a role or be a better leader than the other. Women and men tend to – but not always – hold different qualities, abilities. 

We are observed as more emotionally driven, our soft skills work on a wider scale, can be more talkative, engaging and other than collect the essential fruits and veggies to support the tribe’s needs, we operate the quintessential grapevine that holds teams – as big as societies – together.

Men, on the other hand, can often better focus on one single thing, see longer perspectives, weight consequences better, protect and provoke in order to win and by that move forward successfully. They hunt, capture, achieve and compete. A highly recommended good read on the topic is Harari’s Homo Sapiens (and Homo Deus, as well).

So shall we force this or that potential benefit to a society or on an organisation? 

Organisations which tend to thrive, all allow their people to be themselves and get the best out of themselves by inspiring and promoting the right behaviours, attitudes, values fit for their purposes. As long as their leaders recognise these and can relate to them, as long as they are integral figures who people can learn from, turn for advising and look up to, it does not matter if the person is a Sidney or a Sydney...

I believe in equality, being measured by our achievements our values and how we act on them, I believe, we shall all be treated and respected the same as long as we earn and deserve that respect. And exactly this is why I don’t believe that a single men or single women team can be better than a diverse one, irrespective if we talk about corporations large or small, governments or circle of friends. 

Women shall be respected for who they are, just like men do, we shall be treated the same, no matter if we had pink or blue blankets in our cribs... 

Ms Judit Iglódi-Csató
BCCH Vice-Chair
Government Affairs, Market Access and Communications Director of GSK Hungary

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