Britain to seek ambitious new customs arrangements with the EU

Please be informed that the British Government published its proposal on customs as first in a series of position papers focusing on the future of the UK’s relationship with the European Union

The United Kingdom wants to build a new, deep and special partnership with the European Union. This paper is part of a series setting out key issues which form part of the Government’s vision for that partnership, and which will explore how the UK and the EU, working together, can make this a reality. Each paper will reflect the engagement the Government has sought from external parties with expertise in these policy areas and will draw on the very extensive work undertaken across Government since last year’s referendum. Taken together, these papers are an essential step towards building a new partnership to promote our shared interests and values.

Please see the customs proposal by clicking here.



uSchool International Finals in Slovenia

After the Hungarian final event of the BCCH-uSchool Entrepreneurship Club, the uSchool year has not ended at least for two teams who got the opportunity to travel to Slovenia on the 30th of June and compete with the Slovenian finalists.

The preparation of the two teams – Orient, whose mission is to introduce high schoolers to their education options, thus helping them find their passion, and PhotON, which is an online platform that connects customers with photographers whatever the job they are looking for - continued further on during the summer, both teams developed their products, business models and pitches.

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The Chairman's update


Dear BCCH Members, Partners and Friends,

I would like to let you know that the Chamber is currently open, however, we are not holding any events throughout the summer. We very much look forward to seeing you at our autumn events starting from September! Congratulations to all Hungarian and British athletes for collecting 20 medals at the 17th FINA World Championship, Team GB 11 medals and the HUNbelieviable Team 9 medals, achieving 5th and 9th place respectively!

I am honoured to have been reelected as Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary for my third term and also delighted that Ms Judit Iglódi-Csató and Mr Árpád Balázs have agreed to become Vice Chair and Treasurer for the next two years. We, together with the newly-elected Council, look forward to serving you in our roles. 

I am delighted that now, as the UK redefines its relationships with the EU, our members have elected representatives of significant British companies operating in Hungary to our new Council. At the beginning, Council members, each an expert in a specific field, have teamed up in work groups so they can focus on different sectors with joint efforts over the next period, so more and more emphasis will be placed on strengthening bilateral synergies and thus we can transform our strategy and some of our events.  The Council is determined to play a key role in redefining and facilitating the new relationship between the UK and Hungary.

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UK Offer on EU citizens rights and information on Brexit negotiations

Prime Minister Theresa May made a statement to Parliament on 26 June on the UK’s offer on EU Citizens’ Rights. Please see below for information on the announcement about the government’s offer for EU citizens in the UK, and UK nationals in the EU on their rights and status after the UK leaves the EU:

The government also published a policy paper setting out the details of the offer.

The Home Office issued this press release about the announcement.

An article by David Davis, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union was published (in Hungarian) in Magyar Idok. 

You can find the statement of David Davis here.

The UK nationals in the EU gov.uk and EU nationals in the UK gov.uk pages which provide detailed information have also been updated. 

Please share as appropriate.

Please feel free to share any of the above material as appropriate and signpost contacts to them should you get any queries. 

The key pages (also featured on our website) are EU nationals in the UK on gov.uk and UK nationals in the EU on gov.uk.


The BCCH Council at the British Ambassador's Residence

The new Council of the BCCH was invited for lunch by Her Majesty's Ambassador to Hungary, HE Iain Lindsay OBE at his residence. They discussed new business opportunities in Hungary and some key strategic points on how to promote trade and investment flow even better between the UK and Hungary.

Forbes Magyarország - A pályaválasztás Tinderével célozza meg a Szilícium-völgyet a magyar diákcég

A három hónapos BCCH-uSchool vállalkozói klub az üzleti gondolkodásra készítette fel a 12 középiskolából érkező 22 diákot. A középiskolások gyakorlati képzésen keresztül ismerhették meg, miként tudnak eljuttatni egy ötletet a megvalósításig.  A program során a 17–18 éves tanulók belekóstoltak a projekt- és üzleti tervezésbe, a marketing és sales alapjaiba, a csapatmunkába, de ami a legfontosabb, megtanulták, hogyan kell prezentálni egy hónapokon át fejlesztett projektet, és képviselni önmagukat. A diákok munkáját olyan nagyvállalati mentorok és fiatal vállalkozók segítik, akik több éves tapasztalattal rendelkeznek az innováció területén.


Annual General Meeting 2017 - BCCH members elected the new Council and Chairperson for the Chamber

BCCH members elect new Council and Chairperson for the Chamber for the 2017-2019 Council period at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 24 May 2017. Left to right: Zsolt Bella, BT Global Services, Christopher Noblet, Partos & Noblet in co-operation with Hogan Lovells, Dennis A. Diokno, FirstMed, Judit Iglódi-Csató, GSK Hungary, Vazul Tóth, Budapest Bank, Kinga Kalocsai, GE Lighting & Current EMEA, Andrea Tóth, British Automotive, Kam Jandu, Budapest Airport, Árpád Balázs, PwC Hungary

Vazul Tóth said: "It is an honour to be re-elected and given the opportunity to continue to serve our members. I am delighted that now, as the UK redefines its relationships with the EU, our members have elected representatives of significant British companies operating in Hungary to our new council. Over the next period, more and more emphasis will be placed on strengthening bilateral synergies.  The council is determined to play a key role in redefining and facilitating the new relationship between the UK and Hungary."

HE Iain Lindsay OBE, Her Majesty's Ambassador to Hungary said: “I welcome an even more dynamic Chamber that is even more prepared to provide direct support to British business in Hungary. I and my team at the Embassy will work more closely with you to achieve our common goals.  We want to deepen our relationship with the Chamber and work together with you for British economic and business interests and for the UK`s success and prosperity.”


Magyarország Legkiválóbb Vállalatai 2017


Soha nem látott munkaerő-piaci verseny zajlik a legjobb munkavállalók megszerzéséért és megtartásáért. Mit tehet azért egy vállalat, hogy kiváló szervezetként, vonzó munkahelyként tekintsenek rá a munkavállalók?


Május 9-én az Investors in People Hungary és a Magyarországi Brit Kereskedelmi Kamara (BCCH) második alkalommal adta át a Magyarország Legkiválóbb Vállalatai díjakat. A programot a két szervezet 2016-ban indította. A nemzetközi viszonylatban is legfigyelemreméltóbb szervezeti megoldások díjazásával a szervezők célja az, hogy követendő példaképeket állítsanak a hazai gazdaság szereplői elé, és olyan közösséget hozzanak létre, amely segíti a legkiválóbb gyakorlatok megismertetését, terjesztését.

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The British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary wins COBCOE awards for Corporate Social Responsibility

We are thrilled to announce that the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary is the proud winner of the award for excellence for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the COBCOE Awards Dinner 2017.

The explanation during the award ceremony why our Chamber was chosen as the award winner this year was: "This chamber interconnects its CSR focus with all chamber activities, particularly events. Its CSR work is very much people-oriented, with a focus on youth and children, and has given 25% of the money raised at its CEO dinners to charity."

We feel incredibly honoured, we have worked really hard on our CSR strategy; this year, the BCCH teamed up with the Social and Guardianship Bureau (Szociális és Gyámhivatal) to engage in several charitable undertakings through which we would like to help children under the care of three institutions. The implementation of the work at these children’s home member companies could choose of (Bokréta Lakásotthon és Gyermekotthoni Központ, Bolyai Gyermekotthoni Központ and Cseppkő Gyermekotthon) has already started to take shape.

uSchool and the BCCH have entered a strategic partnership, by which the two parties organise entrepreneurial clubs to provide a basis for secondary school students to realise ideas, as well as promoting business thinking. The exciting uSchool programme, the joint Entrepreneur Club, was introduced this year, intending to teach high school students a ‘Startup mentality’, they can harness during their university years and careers.

In the past three years, 25% of our CEO Dinners series' participation fees has been donated annually to the National Ambulance Service Foundation.

We truly hope that we will be able to celebrate this great success with all of you at our upcoming Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 24 May 2017 at the renowned Budapest Marriott Hotel.

Photos of the awards ceremony can be found by clicking here, with the password london.

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