The BCCH teamed up with the Social and Guardianship Bureau (Szociális és Gyámhivatal) to engage in several charitable undertakings through which we would like to help children under the care of three institutions. Thanks to such companies as GlaxoSmithKline Hungary, KPMG Hungary, Marks&Spencer Hungary, FirstMed Centers, Santa Fe Relocation and Lineo International Consulting Kft., who were generous enough to sign up and take part in the programme, the implementation of the work at these below-mentioned facilities has already started to take shape. We very much look forward to receiving more company applications for the programme, so with the help of our members, we can truly light up these children’s worlds with some joy and hope.

Some of you have already signed up and showed enthusiasm towards one of our flagship projects in 2017. Those of you who have not heard about our volunteer project, you may find some detailed information below.

We invite BCCH members to brighten up the lives of the children of the below-listed institutions by signing up to volunteer at one of the below activities:

  • Interior Modernization: painting, decorating, crafting (toys, furniture, etc.) at the chosen institution.
  • Exterior Work: gardening, garden restoration, planting (flowers and trees), as well as painting fences and playground devices at the chosen institution.
  • Creative Activities: organisation and/or actual participation in one or more recreational programmes (e.g. visiting a theatre, bicycle tour, adventure park) at the chosen institution.

The three institutions you can choose of are Bokréta Lakásotthon és Gyermekotthoni Központ, Bolyai Gyermekotthoni Központ and Cseppkő Gyermekotthon. You can get to know their work and aims by clicking on the links. You can volunteer for one of the above-mentioned undertakings by sending back an email to us with your name, company and contact details, as well as your selected institution. Once we have gathered enough people to implement these extensive volunteering activities, we will update you with detailed information (e.g. exact date of the execution of the projects, thus, more people can join us). We truly believe that together we can better these children’s life.

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