After the Hungarian final event of the BCCH-uSchool Entrepreneurship Club, the uSchool year has not ended at least for two teams who got the opportunity to travel to Slovenia on the 30th of June and compete with the Slovenian finalists.

The preparation of the two teams – Orient, whose mission is to introduce high schoolers to their education options, thus helping them find their passion, and PhotON, which is an online platform that connects customers with photographers whatever the job they are looking for - continued further on during the summer, both teams developed their products, business models and pitches.

The international finals were held in Ljubljana right after the Slovenian national finals. Out of the 8 finalist teams, 2 were Hungarians. The jury members came from the Slovenian and the US entrepreneurship scene. After inspirational speeches delivered by Matija Goljar (founder of Ustvarijalnik/uSchool) and Andy Seth an American entrepreneur, the eight teams presented their startups. The projects covered a wide range of topics, like helping people with gluten sensitivity, IT security and fostering the activity of reading books amongst the youngsters. Both Hungarian teams performed very well, and comparing to the Slovenian students who attended a 9-month program, with 4 months behind their back, they were excellent. The Hungarian teams stood out especially with their fantastic pitches.  

The winner of the conference – who got automatic acceptance to the Watson University (US) on site by the founder Eric Glustrom – was a Slovenian team and unfortunately, further rankings were not announced. Watson is the first incubator of the world leading to a degree for the world’s most promising changemakers and social innovators. 

After the event, Slovenian and Hungarian teams could network with each other and with the jury members as well. They arrived home with more ideas, experience and inspiration. 

Anna from the Hungarian winner team, Orient said: “Being able to go to Slovenia was a dream come true. The city, the people, the competition, everything was amazing!”


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